I’m using Jython2.1 on Java 1.5 and am having trouble:


>>> import mbf.geometry as g

>>> v = g.Vertex3f()

Traceback (innermost last):

  File "<console>", line 1, in ?

AttributeError: java package 'mbf.geometry' has no attribute 'Vertex3f'

>>> dir (g)

['CoordinateMapper', 'ImagePos2I', 'ScreenPos2I', 'Transformable', 'Vertex3f', '__name__']



I see that the Vertex3f class is in my package,  but I can’t instantiate it.


I have my jar (with the full path) on my jython path.  I don’t have any python.jythonc.classpath

set in my registry.  I am using JEdit’s “Edit Jython Path” feature to make my .jar available.


Do I also have to have the .jar in the CLASSPATH?