I need a hint. How can I give the parameter appName und libName as Commandline Arguments?
and the syntax of the variables for the -MapSharedLibForMod Option. (Websphere Update Commands)
The script Command AdminApp.edit modifies the Shared Library References for Application Modules.
call: newlibref.py supersnoop test
#options = ['-MapSharedLibForMod ', [[ modname, moduri, libName]]]
Skript: newlibref.py
#for entire application
#this needed
def setlibref (appName, libName):
#global appName
#global libName
mod = AdminApp.listModules(appName)
        print mod
modname = mod.split('#')[0]
        moduri = mod.split('#')[1]
        print modname
        print moduri
        moduri1 = moduri.split('+')[0]
        moduri2 = moduri.split('+')[1]
        print moduri1
        print moduri2
  moduri = moduri1+ ","+moduri2
        print moduri
#AdminApp.edit('supersnoop', '[ -MapSharedLibForMod [[ SuperSnoopWeb SuperSnoopWeb.war,WEB-INF/web.xml test ]]]' )  //Works ok hardcoded
options = ['-MapSharedLibForMod ', [[ modname, moduri, libName]]]  ///is syntax correct ???
        #AdminApp.edit(appName, options)
setlibref(appName, libName)
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