I am using Jython 2.5.0 on Windows XP.


I created a simple Java application which would invoke a Jython script (new PythonInterpreter.execFile(…)).

The initial script is simple:

   print 'Hello World!'

   response = SomejavaClass.someMethod()

   print 'Response=' + response



So long as I define the VM argument python.home=<whatever> to my Jython invocation this works fine.

However, I don’t want to have to do that so I just included jython.jar in my application lib.

Then I get the error "no codec search functions registered" on the second print statement.


I included __init__.py, aliases.py and codecs.py in an encodings subdir and the error changed to LookupError: unknown encoding cp1252.


When I added cp1252.py to the encodings dir my program now worked.


It doesn’t seem right that I should have to be doing this.


What should be needed beyond jython.jar to run Jython scripts?


Frank Lawlor

Enterprise Architect

netSpend Corp.



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