Hi Mike-

We definitely appreciate the feedback and are always interested in making our site work better for those who use it.  If I've learned anything at all from doing web development it is that everyone has his or her own personal opinion on what looks good and what doesn't.  The jython.org site is definitely no exception.  That being said, we went through a rather lengthy site overhaul in which many folks in the Jython developer community gave input.  I personally think that the end result is excellent...the new site works well for me.  However, I know that there still is much work to do with regards to site content, useful features, etc.  The website is a continual work in progress and it is always open for change.

With regards to the collapsible menu, I chose to add that feature to the site so that we had a place that we could easily add important content without cluttering up the site somewhere else.  I agree with you that the content that exists within the collapsible menu at this time is probably not the most useful, but it will get better over time.  That being said, we are currently updating Jython docs and putting new examples on the web.  Much of this content will be directly linked on the 'Using Jython' pane over time.  Many of our developers also enjoy the Twitter update section.  In the first couple of site drafts, I made the Twitter update very simple and text based...also only showing a few updates.  The consensus at the time was to tailor it a bit more nicely and add photos, etc.  The end result is a good-looking Twitter update section that I rather enjoy.  Overall, the collapsible menu was an important addition to the new site.  With that said, I really want the site to be useful...if others agree that the menu is a hindrance then perhaps it should go back on the chopping block and we should take a vote.

The navigational menu does need to be updated...I agree.  We need to add better content to the site that does not take visitors out of the context of our site and into a wiki.  We also do not need as many links in the menu.  I am planning to work through those links a bit once I get the Jython doc set organized and in-place.  If others have ideas on the ordering of the links and where they should link to then please send them to the list.  On the same note, why don't we have a direct link to the source?  Not sure....it should probably be added somewhere.  Perhaps the download page would be a good area for the source link.

I agree that we also need to update the text on the main page.  If you'd like to write something up and send it to the list then we'd really enjoy to review it and possibly add it to the site.  That is definitely an area that I did not spend much time on when I developed the new site.  It has been neglected and I plan to update that content soon and more often.  Again, any ideas for content or re-wording anywhere on the site is always appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback Mike.  I'm really glad that you took the time to let us know about it...that's how we make things better.

Enjoy your trip to Hawaii, sounds like fun!


Josh Juneau
Twitter ID:  javajuneau

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 8:24 PM, Mike Grouchy <mgrouchy@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm new to the list, or at least I have been lurking on here for a few
weeks. I have discussed with Josh Juneau and Tobias Ivarsson (care of
my blog) about giving feedback on the Jython Website.

Anyway, here is the feedback as requested. As a little disclaimer
please take what I say with a grain of salt, I am not a usability
expert or web designer.

I have two main issues with the website currently:
1) Its kinda ugly
2) Its not very useful

so what could be done to make it less ugly and more usable? In my opinion:

1) Remove the accordion thing on the right side.
Suggestion: Maybe show the latest tweet by http://twitter.com/jython
somewhere on the page. If you want, you can collate the python twitter
discussion (on a community page or something where you can also
collate blog entries and such)

The rest of the information in the side menu I would just let go. All
that information is available in the wiki(or should be) and once
again, you could put the irc chat information in a community
section(or in the wiki if its not already there).

2)Reorganize the menu links
Suggestion: I don't think there need to be as many links as there
currently are in the sidebar. We can probably get away with Home,
About, Download, Documentation(linking directly to the wiki) and Code.

Honestly, the first time I visited the Jython site, I was really
surprised there was not a link to the source code anywhere on the main
webpage(I was equally suprised to end up on something that wasn't
Trac, seeing as you guys deal in python and SVN)

As for the individual wiki links, everything that is listed in that
side menu is also available and linked on the first page of the wiki
so those are just taking up unnecessary space.

I guess my last complaint would be to put more information about the
actual project on the main page. I realize that "Jython: Python for
the Java Platform" is pretty self explanatory but more information
would probably be useful to new visitors.

Anyway, those are just 2 simple things that I think would bring about
a huge improvement with the website, at least in my opinion. I am
around for the next few days and will be available to discuss
this/face your criticism :P , then I am off to Hawaii for a couple of
weeks. But if any help is needed with the website or anything else, I
would be glad to help after I get back.


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