That is another great topic.  Any articles that you'd like to submit will be greatly appreciated!



On 9/8/07, Pekka Laukkanen <> wrote:
2007/9/7, Moore, Greg <>:
> I always enjoyed the Jython Monthly…

Me too!

> What sort of articles are you looking for? I'd be happy to contribute but
> I've never figured out a topic that other would find interesting, imo. Any
> suggestions?

Personally I'd be really interested about an article explaining how to
package a Jython application to a jar _without_ deprecated jythonc.
Especially packaging the app with Jython itself would be really
interesting because it would allow distributing the app as a single
jar without other preconditions. This is something I probably will
investigate later this autumn and if nobody has yet written an article
about it by then I can write one too.

I have some experience from writing code that needs to run both on
Jython and CPython. If there's interest I can write an article (with
examples) about some of the tricks I've learned.


PS: Removed jython-dev from recipient list.

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