That sounds great!

On 10/21/05, Frank Cohen <> wrote:
Hi Frank: I'm fine with the new homepage layout. I looks good.

I'm looking for something to do to help Jython. Perhaps I should get
going on the content of the site?

In particular I see the Jython site needing the following:
1) An update and weeding of the existing Jython documentation.
2) Incorporate the Jython Bibliography (
3) A tutorial to get started with Jython
4) Updating the FAQ
5) Document the changes in 2.2

What do you think?

-Frank C.

On Oct 9, 2005, at 9:15 AM, Frank Wierzbicki wrote:

> Here is a quick mock-up of the home page to continue the
> discussion.  It is expecting a few of the same images as the
> current site in the same place (./images/) but also
> jy_logo_small_c.jpg which I've also attached.  It is the unaltered
> image from Jesse Ross.
> It was primarily created by modifying the ht files and
>, except for the search box which was added to the
> html by hand.
> I have added many more categories at the top (of course none of
> them link anywhere yet).  I haven't edited the side nav at all
> yet.  I think there should be much less duplication between the
> side nav, top nav, and home page content.  For example I think it
> is confusing to have "Documentation" links in all three places.
> -Frank
> <index.html>
> <jy_logo_small_c.png>