I can try #2.
Thats great!

Can you give me some brief idea about the task.

Briefly, Jython 2.1 shipped with PyXML, so we need to bundle it into 2.2 for backwards compatibility.

I looked at the PyXML package, what i can figure out is there is some c code in extensions, which i guess needs to be converted to java. is there anything else that is required?

I think that is it... Though hopefully there are pure python versions of the c extensions that we can use instead.  I don't know if this is the case, but I hope so.

how long can i take to finish this task??

I'm really hoping to get at least these issues worked out in the next (say) 4-6 weeks, so that would be a good target to shoot for.  Let us know what you find out as you are looking into it.