i saw  a faq on the internet about this issue, but i still don't understand it, so i hope someone here can explain it to me.  i'm calling a class that has a static method
class MyClass {
    public String toString(int) {
i'm unable to call this method from jython using the direct normal  method.
s = mypackage.MyClass.toString(10)
when i do call this method, it prints out the string '10' instead of the string of returned my MyClass.toString.  the faq i read said something about jython prefering to call instance methods which the Class object has.  but the Class object doesn't have a toString method that takes an int parameter, so i'm confused about this.  the int value was passed into some method, but which one?  i know there is a workaround to this by getting the toString attribute from MyCLass explicitly then invoking the method, but i was curious what exactly is going on here.