24.2.2010 7:02, Kai Hackemesser kirjoitti:
Hi there,

I would like to call jython from inside another java class. I would like to avoid to create an external process that calls jython.bat which starts another java vm and so on. and I would like to use an embedded jython.jar to avoid the requirement for an locally installed jython.

I have already a jar file ready that contains my module and a __run__.py file to start it using the -jar option of the jython class. But this module tries to import 'os' which seems not yet available:

_No module named os_

So I understand that I need to have the Lib folder of jython available somehow. I would like to have all required files in another jar that I add to my classpath (or if that works to the classloader) but I need more knowledge about the file structure that is required (does that jar file have a /Lib folder for the contents or is it only requiring the contents of the /Lib folder?). I have already tried some variations. Which way is the right one?
Just choose the standalone install from the installer and you'll get a jar file that has the standard library included.

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