I am a new member of Jython-users and having a trouble finding my way around here. I am afraid the sourceforge site is like a maze. For instance, I can't find a link whereby I can move from a source forge page to a Jython project page. I always have to use the Explorer bookmark to move around. I hope this site becomes more user friendly and easier to navigate.

Anyway, I have a reply to one of my messages in jython-user and would like to reply back. But the page says "read-only" and I can't post any message, even after logging into Sourceforge.

I tried to get online help and clicked on "help" from the jython-user archive page, and yet that takes me to the Sourceforge support, not jython-user support. And Sourceforge support says that for help with individual projects I should go to the project help. But then how do I go to Jython project help, if Jython site takes me to Sourceforge help? This seems to be a vicious circle.

I would greatly appreciate your help here.

Thank you.