David Huebel wrote:
On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 8:28 AM, Sébastien Boisgérault
<Sebastien.Boisgerault@ensmp.fr> wrote:
Hi all,

Does anyone have a sample Eclipse plugin that embeds Jython ?
(jython.jar standalone as well as jython scripts). Or at least
pointers or prior experience (good/bad) with this scheme ?

Do you mean a plug-in for working with Jython code in Eclipse, or do
you mean the Jython runtime packaged as an Eclipse plug-in so you can
do plug-in development using Jython?

For the former I use Pydev, and for the latter I use a plugin that I
put together.  I can't give you the code, but I will try to answer any
questions you have if you are encountering difficulties.
The latter.

I received many answers (some of which were not cc'd to the list),
thanks everybody !

Jeff Emanuel send me some example code of his own 'Jython console'
plugin whose size is manageable, so I am certainly going to start with
this and I will come back to this mailing-list if I have issues.

The amount of answers received in a short amount of time makes me
believe that this topic would make an excellent 'Jython Monthly' article.
Jeff, David, folks, is there anyone with enough skills and time to get
into this ?