I am having trouble using Jython in an eclipse plugin and wanted to see if anyone could help.  I have using a simple object factory to load modules like in all the examples.  I have a standalone test that can successfully load a module and receive an object that conforms to my java interface.  However, when I try this in my eclipse plugin, the call to __to__java fails, however, the constructor for my python module is still called.  The same factory is called in both cases, but there are a few differences.  First, as an eclipse plugin, I had to add my plugin jars to the classpath manually in order for the py module to locate my java packages.  The other difference is that the code is in jars instead of directories.

  I am not really getting an error except that the object returned from tojava is a PySingleton that contains a field that just says “Error”.  I can’t really find out anything else about what I’m doing wrong.  I would appreciate any help with this issue.