HI all,
We are trying to use jython classes in JBuilder.
We have followed the following steps:
1)compile .py file using jythonc. (Ex: classGoux.py)
2)create jar file for .class files (Result of jythonc) inside jpywork using following commands.
Taking an Example of classGoux.py.
jar -cvf classGoux.jar jpywork/classGoux.class

jar -uvf classGoux.jar jpywork/classGoux$_PyInner.class
3) add classGoux.java file in your 'src' folder of your JBuilder package. And also add the file in the JBuilder project.
4) In project properties of JBuilder-> required libraries add the jar file 'jython.jar'
5) Edit the the same jython.jar file settings (ref. point (4) ) and add the classGoux.jar (jarred jython classes) in jython.jar
6) Create object of the class (which is there in .Py file) in JBuilder project.
7) Compile the JBuilder project.
We are getting run time error at step 6 i.e while creating the python object. It is not allowing to create the object of the Py class in JBuilder project.
We tried creating a simple .java file (Not a JBuilder project)and in that we tried to create object of py class in java file.
Then we used javac to compile the java file on command prompt. It works!
Do we need any additional import statements in JBuilder project?? (Import JPywork.* doesnt work).
Or is that any other settings in JBuilder?
Please help.
Vasudha, Pallavi


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