I have an interface in Java, basically a bean:
void setName(String v);
We will call it THE_JAVA_INTERFACE
I wanted to implement the bean in python, see below.  And I want to put instances of the JavaInterface(the Python Implementation) into a HashMap.  And I went ahead and created a child class out of HashMap.
Everything works in Python world, but once I try to extract the values from the Map(actually HashMap, actually Python LayerInfoMap), Java doesnt seem to recognize the right object.  I should be able to do THE_JAVA_INTERFACE = HASH_MAP.get("layer0") ...
But I get these funny proxy values below.
class LayerInfoMap(HashMap):
In java world.
layer0 org.python.proxies.syspython.LayerInfo$LayerInfoObj$1@19261de
layer2 org.python.proxies.syspython.LayerInfo$LayerInfoObj$1@157566d
layer1 org.python.proxies.syspython.LayerInfo$LayerInfoObj$1@eb203b
I am using pseudo-code:
syspython  = directory
LayerInfoObj = Python Code...
class LayerInfoObj(THE_JAVA_INTERFACE):
The instance of the class above ..
        lyrobj0 = LayerInfoObj("layer0",x, y,
                              137000.00, 95000.00, 1, 1)
        self.put(lyrobj0.layer, lyrobj0)