The (otherwise wonderful) org.python.util.JythoncAntTask in the 2.2a0 download does not work with the workdir setting! When used with ANT (under Windows XP with JDK1.4.2) an error about a unrecognized option will be reported.

Looking at the source for the ANT task the error seems to be that there is an extra space in the file JythoncAntTask .java at line 458 at the end of the setValue call (pure guess). I tried to remove the space and it works for me :-) I.e. I changed the line to the following:  javaTask.createArg().setValue( "--workdir" );

Can someone confirm this and patch the newest version with my fix (I do not currently have CVS access or the necessary tools).

P.S. I posted another related question today on the user list about another compilation bug (this time jythonc) which affects the use of the -C and -package settings. I have not been able to fix this bug myself so I hope somebody else can look into it.

Morten C.

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