I have the following java class with one static boolean field "isWindows":

public class Test {
  static boolean isWindows = System.getProperty("os.name").toLowerCase().contains("windows");

After compiling this class and launching the jython interactive console, this is the output when asking for the content of the field "isWindows":

>>>> Test.isWindows
<java function isWindows 1>

I would expect a boolean with value "True" on my Windows machine, but instead I get a handle to a java function. If "Test.isWindows" is called from within java, a boolean is returned as expected. Is this normal jython behaviour or not? And if so, why?

For completeness:
- I am running Jython version 2.2a1 and Java 1.5 runtime
- System.getProperty("os.name")  results in "Windows XP" on my machine

Thanks in advance for any feedback,