I am trying to get these to work together. Others have, but I cannot figure out my problem.
Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class eu.webtoolkit.jwt.WApplication  ( full error: http://pastebin.com/gNYU6h2B )
My Dependencies:
Jython 2.5.3
Webtoolkit 3.3.0 (http://www.webtoolkit.eu/jwt/download)
Tomcat 7
Platform = Windows 7

Files in tomcat's webapps\demo (demo is my project name):
+ WHello.py
++ web.xml
++ lib/
+++ jython.jar
+++ jwt-3.3.0.jar
+++ slf4j-log4j12-1.7.5.jar

What is wrong? If I remove the jwt-3.3.0.jar, I get a "eu" not found exception, so with the jar in place it is finding it!
Many thanks!


from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WtServlet #error here
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WApplication
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WEnvironment
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WText
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WLineEdit
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WPushButton
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import Side
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import WBreak
from eu.webtoolkit.jwt import Signal

class WHello(WtServlet):
    def createApplication(self, env):
        return WHelloApplication(env)

class WHelloApplication(WApplication):
    def __init__(self, env):
        WApplication.__init__(self, env)
        self.setTitle( 'Hello world' )

        self.getRoot().addWidget(WText("Your name, please ? "))
        self.nameEdit = WLineEdit(self.getRoot())

        self.button = WPushButton("Greet me.", self.getRoot())
        self.button.setMargin(5, Side.Left)

        self.greeting = WText(self.getRoot())

        self.listener = ButtonClickedListener(self)
        self.button.clicked().addListener(self, self.listener)

class ButtonClickedListener(Signal.Listener):
    def __init__(self, app):
        self.app = app

    def trigger(self):
        print "Print statements can be seen in catalina.out log file."
        self.app.greeting.setText("Hello there, " + self.app.nameEdit.getText())