I am also new to Python/Jython. You need to add the java classes to the PYTHONPATH. I use Eclipse with (PyDev/JyDT) and added the the respective java files into my External source folders. Look for it in Project Properties.


Have no clue about your other issue




From: Vincent Gulinao [mailto:vincent.gulinao@gmail.com]
Sent: den 12 november 2008 05:30
To: jython-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Jython-users] Integrating with maven2+IntelliJ framework


I am a Python enthusiast with minimal exposure to Java. I need to collaborate on a project highly dependent on maven2+IntelliJ framework. Unfortunately, they also need to see results fast. Naturally, Jython comes to my mind.

For example, I need to extend a class from java, implement my end of the code, jythonc it, which will then be called by the framework.

I appreciate if someone could provide a quick how-to, or point me to docs to, or examples related to it,i need to kick-off and fast-track my development.

In particular, how do you tell Jython where to find the class you want to derive? (thus, the --classpath equivalent). How do you integrate the output of jythonc back to the framework?