I am contacting you to find what forums are the best to use when being a total newbie on jython and java. Should I use the comp.lang.python group or are there other forums that are more appopriate for jython questions.
I've been using cpython for about half a year and find it really excellent, I thought that jython would be a good entrance into the java world, and it seems to be.
I have a couple of questions that should be directed to the proper forum, but state them here anyway, if someone has the time too enlighten me.
There's a couple of things that I don't get yet. How can I compile a .py file into a java .class? I've read the documentation on this, but there seems to be something I am doing wrong. When trying to compile the .py file the javac compiler doesn't seem to find the definitions of several python related types (Py prefixed). There's probably some information that the compiler isn't getting, but I don't know what information to supply.
The option to turn on JIT doesn't seem to work on my machine, as the running time of python code doesn't seem to be affected by it (I am running the pystone.py from the test directory). jython executes pystone 4 times slower than cpython under jview (IE 5.0) will this improve with JIT.