Hi Jython devs,
I haven't used jython for a while, and I'm not entirely up to date on the whole readline-in-jython issue, but from a bit of browsing I can see that it's still lacking such an interface.
I wanted to point out to you guys a utility I developed, called uniread, which adds readline support to any existing command-line program. Including, for example, jython. I noticed the FAQ mentions a similar readline front-end that comes with something called Yorick. I can't say I'm currently too familiar with Yorick and that particular utility, so I don't know about the pros and cons.
You can check it out at http://uniread.sourceforge.net/ . It's in Perl, by the way, so it should work on more or less any UNIX platform.
To the point - I thought uniread might be useful to the jython user community, but since I'm not currently an active user I wasn't sure if the whole readline issue is still of interest, so I didn't want to go and spam the jython-users list needlessly. If you find it of use, please do pass it on...
- Guy.