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Jxtray is not dead : there is the 0.5 release

The project is not dead. I've received a patch from a user.
Now, Jxtray is able to load dynamically the JDBC drivers from an accessible file.

The project needs developers and testers. If you are interested, send me an e-mail.

0.5 Changelog

Major changing : Jxtray is included in a single jar file. It's better for portability and development.

* Fixed bug : Statement and ResultSet not closed in dump operation
* Can save query result in XUL. This xul file can be opened with Mozilla or Firefox.
* Update jdbc drivers : Connector/J -> 3.0.16
* Update jdbc drivers : jtds -> 0.9
* Added real 'password prompt' functionality (with '*')
* Added a 'Empty table' button in SQLPanel
* Added a dynamic class loader (Thanks to Dieter S.)
* New Icon Set : nuvola 2

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-12-02

Jxtray 0.4 is out !!

Jxtray 0.4 contains a new dump functionnality.
It dumps directly into a file.

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-04-20

Search for translators

I seek translators to translate language files . If you are interested, send me an e-mail : jybeaujean@users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-04-16

Search for testers

This project needs tests and reports/ratios of bug to advance. If you are interested, send me an e-mail :

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-04-16

Jxtray-0.3 include a SQLHistoryCache

0.3 Jxtray version has been released. It include a new SQLHistoryCache to store executed queries and an online manual (contextual help). Actually, this manual is empty. So, If you want help me to write a doc, or traduct langage files, YOU'RE WELCOME!! Contact me.

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-03-26

Jxtray 0.2 - new features !

Jxtray 0.2 has been released.
It includes a lot of new features, like 'prompt password' option...

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-03-10

Jxtray 0.1 has been released

This is a bugfixe release :

* Add icon to 'dump' and 'save result' button

* Fixed a bug when saving in compressed format. : indexOf(extension) replace lastIndexOf(extension).

  It saved the file in a wrong place if the target directory contained a "."
Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-03-02

Jxtray 0.1b has been released

This is a bug release :
* Fixed bug #898597 : Wrong classpath in win32 release.
* Fixed bug #897888 : Driver name changes don't impact connection object.
* Drivers and Connections are now sorted by name in JList
* Fixed a bug in connections delete
* Fix a lot of minor bugs.

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-02-22

First release

The first release is available !
This is an alpha version, of course :-)
But all tests, bug submits or critics will be very appreciated.

Posted by Jean-Yves Beaujean 2004-02-16