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So, JxBRE has been getting a good amount of traffic lately.

Why? who knows.

I thought I would take some time to address things.

JxBRE is NOT designed to be a complex end all be all Rule Engine. If you want something like that there are MUCH better projects such as DROOL, QuickRules, etc.

To quote ceperez at manageability.org:
"JxBRE is dumb as a door nail "....

Yes. It is. It really doesn't even come with built in functionality to do addition. I didn't want it to.

It is a framework to do whatever you want with to execute rules. Yes, I wrote some little classes to do addition, etc... calm down ;)

It is not like most rules engines in that they define how you will script things and how the engine will react. JxBRE was designed to be more flexible. You can control any aspect of it any way you so choose.

Maybe I'm alone in the world but I find beauty in simplicity.

To quote an old adage:
"An inventor spent 1.5 million dollars to invent a pen for NASA to use so that Astronauts could write in space..."
"The Russians used a pencil"

I like that.


JxBRE stupid: Yes - It pushes everything to the developer and I was hoping that enough people would use it and a library of tools would be created to be shared.

JxBRE JSR94 compliant: No - will be eventually (already in development). What is with JSR94 and List's anyway? Something about letting the developer change the internal lists of certain things scares me. No one hear of an Iterator?

JxBRE EJB compliant: No. To quote a Gartner study "80% of EJB projects did not need to be EJB". EJB is a bloated pig. It has it's place, but seriously... If you want to be that enterprise, use SOAP and JDO.... Or just create your own MBean or something to wrap JxBRE...

JxBRE SOAP compliant: Eventually...

JxBRE 2.0 is under development (very slowly as free time is a hard thing to find), It isn't designed for big complex systems... why re-invent the wheel.

If you have questions, email me: sseaman at users dot sourceforge dot net

Posted by Sloan Seaman 2003-11-04