#9 Move static final strings to the interface

Sloan Seaman
Thomas Jones-Low

The BREImpl.java class has a large number of static
final strings, mostly the XML tag names used in the
businessRules.xsd. These static final strings should be
moved to the BRE.java interface.

First because java interface is a better place for
keeping the strings rather than a class. Second, I'm
builidng a new BREImpl.java class based upon an XML
Pull parser, and I need all the strings for my
alternative implementation. So rather than copy them to
the new class, they should be in the interface so both
the RI and my version can access the same strings.


  • Sloan Seaman
    Sloan Seaman

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    Actually, According to Joshua Bloch in Effective Java they
    should not be placed in interfaces but should be places in
    seperate classes such as XmlConstants.java.

    That has been something that I have done in all my other
    code, don't know why I never did it for this one.

    I'll see what I can do about starting to write a new version...