Geting a verb frames for a giveb verb

  • Nikos

    Hi all,

    I am trying to get the verb frames for a given verb,
    and apart from the number of frames per sysnset the rest of information that I get is not correct. For instance if a sysnset has 2 verb frames, I get 2 for the size of verb frames  but the first two verb frames I get are the first two defined in the the verbframeflags are  set to null  (whenever I call
    System.out.println( synset.getVerbFrameFlags())  it returns null) . I use the jwnl 1.3rc3 *.jar files.

    Here is my code:

    // verb is a verb
    IndexWord indexWord = Dictionary.getInstance).getIndexWord(POS.VERB, verb);
       Synset synset;

    // for all senses 
        for ( int t=0; t<indexWord.getSenseCount(); t++) {
             //  System.out.println(indexWord.getSense(t+1));
             Word word = new Word( indexWord.getSense(t+1), t+1, indexWord.getLemma());
                  synset = word.getSynset();
             System.out.println( Synset.getVerbFrameFlags()) ; ///this statement returns null

           //get verb frames
          h = synset.getVerbFrames();
    // system out verb frames
          for ( int i=0; i<h.length; i++) {
               System.out.println("h["+ i + "])");



    Any respones will be greatly appreciated,
    Kind regards,