jwma, pimpim and LDAP...

  • Pavel Denissov
    Pavel Denissov


    Here I come again with stupid ideas =)
    Have you thought about integrating your pimpim-library into jwma as contactsplugin as well as extending pimpim to handle ldap? Or maybe ldap is out of pimpim's scope. Then jwma could use an ldap-contacts plugin, I say. =)
    I'm in thoughts of developing just one and having a jldap-library (from openldap) it shouldn't be that hard, theoreticly. But I wonder what you have to say about that.

    Btw, my Domino-javax.mail project got trashed. I had to scrap it only being a couple of days from a partially working implementation. Reason? Domino has an imap-export functionality and since javax.mail supports imap out-of-the-box... =P

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    • Storm,

      It's jpim. Actually I have created it as sub-project with this integration in mind. There was once a jpim plugin, but it wasn't stable enough to be used in jwma.
      jpim does not have any LDAP functionality, but Leonard is working on an LDAP integration that enables user searching via directory.
      I think you should check out the posts here, and probably also the devel list, because there was a call for feedback ...