Last Version of plugins-std?

  • Eduardo Galán
    Eduardo Galán


    I've noticed that plugins-std.jar (which is found at lib directory in jwma-scratch) is a different version than plugins-std. At least it's what I think, since I've seen that there is Mutex class in net.wimpi.webmail.plugin.std.util package and that class is not present in plugins-std.

    If it's true that they are different versions, there is any way to get the source code of the version included in jwma-scratch (in plugins-std.jar)? I can't find it in project's CVS repository

    A lot of thanks for your help.

    • I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to your question.  However, I've built Jwma using the sources under jwma-scratch for the main project and plugins-std.  I haven't had trouble with that combination.