How to delete a group from contact?


    I have seen different posts related to this but the responses are not positive.

    In my application I have really changed huge UI changes. I am able to create Group under contacts but am UNABLE to delete the same.

    Please let me know how to overcome this bug encountered in the application. I have posted this query long long back but awaiting response.

    Thanks so much in advance.


    • Rk,

      I think it is time for you to consider a little bit that this project is Open Source and not a commercial product. We have tried to help out as much as we can, and we have repeatedly recommended to switch over to the CVS head, because we have publically voted to switch over to a Struts based jwma version.

      This project lives from the good will of those willing to contribute, and I don't think we have received ANY form of contribution from your side (except questions, double posted, and the demand to solve your problems).

      Now, one of the issues we have discussed in public on the mailing list, was the fact that we wanted to enhance the frontend (aka UI). IF you would have been really interested in cooperation, you would have joined our efforts and we would have advanced to the advantage of a lot, not just only you.

      My response to these FACTS so far has been simply to ignore your requests, because there is just no sense in pumping more energy into a black hole (that's you). jwma is open source, AND you MAY use it AS YOU PLEASE WITHOUT CONTRIBUTING BACK, BUT (!!!) don't expect that we solve your problems in that case.

      Best regards,
      Dieter Wimberger

      (me = Project Initiator, Architect and Lead Developer)

    • RAMKI


      Before anything, I convey my apologies if my posting made you feel like "demanding to solve my issues".
      I must thank Leonard on the first hand for his thoughts on my posts. Also thank you for offering jwma.

      I see many of my postings here, and more often I resolved them by myself. Why is that not felt in such a way, when I post a new query,that I am bringing out something that others could not/unable to bring out.

      "This project lives from the good will of those willing to contribute"
      I agree that I have not contributed to this project in code/donations. But I am sure that I was successful in bringing out certain features in the project. Probably they may help people who are using the older versions or the version that I am using.

      And everytime I found a solution, I made sure that I posted back in the question. This is because if someone comes across the same issue, this might help them to overcome.

      Please understand that every day a new developer may use the open source and would want to know more about the application, and the best way of knowing is to coming across experiences or reading others experiences.

      Well, I thank you again so much for all your support.

      Software Engineer.

      • Ramki,

        I sometimes had the impression that your approach was a little bit counterproductive, but maybe it was just well "my impression".

        Now, the issue you are looking at has been identified after we decided to move to the Struts based proposal, so it was fixed there. Fact is that we simply don't have the manpower to keep more branches alive at the same time. You may find a trace of this here:

        Now, I will try to identify what exactly I have changed and post it here if I do.

        The real reason why we got stuck with the Struts version is simply the fact that we wanted to provide a completely new view, one that:
        1) separates structure (XHTML) from layout and design (CSS) clearly, so that it would even be easier to skin jwma
        2) enhances the user experience
        Unfortunately, neither Leonard nor me are web design experts at the frontend (eg. the browser) so this, together with a switch to Forrest based documentation has been the biggest show-stopper.

        If I understood correctly, then you revamped the complete view for your production application starting of 0.9.8, although if I remember correctly, from the very beginning I had mentioned that we were moving to Struts and to do exactly this (and if not, it was obvious from our development mailing list at least). It's too late now, but from what I understand of the situation, working hand in hand we could be some releases ahead and would have a Struts version with a better UI out of the door.

        I hope you understand now better what I meant with contributing, because it's not just about questions and use (although I agree there is some potential) but also helping with the evolution of a project.

        The donations, well, total, I have received 0$ related to jwma, allthough I know the source base has gone into many commercial and non commercial projects. I have paid Internet Provider bills and my computer and for a while some people provided access to their IMAP servers so I could do some testing (because I am a student, I don't have a server farm or a huge super computer to run 4 IMAP Server types and 5 Servlet Engines etc.). So far so good :) I am not upset about it, but pointing it out doesn't hurt.

        I am pretty happy with what jwma has achieved, because we are talking about 66,727 downloads since the project went online in November 2000. I calculate that this makes an average of about 866 (!) downloads per month and roughly 29 downloads per day (!) during the whole time the project was online :) That's an amazing 241.8 GB according to SF statistics (thanks SF and all the mirrors for supporting Open Source with bandwidth).