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jWic 3.2.0 and Ecolib 1.3.0 released

The new versions contain a number of minor bugfixes and a few new features and controls. Have a look on the change log for details.

Posted by F. Lippisch 2008-05-15

jWic 3.1.0 and ecolib 1.2.0 released

The jWic team is proud to announce the new release of jWic 3.1.0 and the additional control library ecolib 1.2.0.

This release contains a set of new controls, including the powerfull TableViewer. Some of the existing controls have also been improved. Its worth updating!

  • The jWic Team
Posted by F. Lippisch 2007-05-14

jWic 3.0.5 released

A new maintenance release of jWic is now available for download. This new version contains a small number of fixes and addition.

You can find a detailed list of changes in the release notes on the download page.

Posted by F. Lippisch 2007-03-09

jWic 3.0.4 and Ecolib 1.1.0 released

A new version of jWic has been released and is now available for download. The new release contains a few minor improvements such as auto invocation of action methods.

Together with jWic, the ecolib subproject has released a new version. This version contains major improvements and new features. It's worth a look!

Posted by MarkF 2006-09-29

jWic Version 3.0.3 released

The new release is now available for download. See the change notes for a detailed list of new features and bug-fixes.

With the release of jWic 3.0.3, our main efforts will focus around developing the ecolib and wap subprojects, and will be the place where most of the new features will go.

A new release of the ecolib and wap subproject will happen in the near future.

Posted by F. Lippisch 2006-08-18

jWic Version 3.0.2 and Ecolib 1.0.0 released

Together with a maintenance update of jWic, we released the first distributable version of the Ecolib package. This package contains additional controls and concepts such as a wizard-framework and WYSIWYG html editor controls.

Posted by F. Lippisch 2006-06-02

jWic version 3.0.1 released

This version contains mostly bug-fixes and a few layout improvements of the demos. See the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

Posted by F. Lippisch 2006-03-20

jWic version 3.0 released

jWic is a java-based development framework for developing dynamic, ajax based
web applications with the convenience and familiarity of 'rich client'
style programming. The component-based, event-driven programming model
makes it easy for developers to quickly create flexible and robust
web applications.

Posted by F. Lippisch 2006-01-16

jWic published

By today, the 19th May 2005, we have published the jWic framework on sourceforge.net and http://www.jwic.de. Join the user mailing-list to recieve news about updates and further releases!

Posted by F. Lippisch 2005-05-19