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JWebThumb 0.3 released

JWebThumb 0.3 was just released.

The most important change is the migration form XStream to XML Simple which allows JWebThumb to run in Google App Engine. Also support for 'status' request was added and 'fetch' method can now send thumbnails directly to output stream as an alternative to storing the bytes in memory.

Posted by Milen Dyankov 2010-08-17

JWebThumb added to central Maven repo

If your project uses Maven simply add this dependency:


to your POM to start using JWebThumb library.

Posted by Milen Dyankov 2010-08-06

JWebThumb 0.2 - first public release

Bluga.net WebThumb (http://webthumb.bluga.net) provides a white-label web service API for generating web thumbnails and full size snapshots of websites.

JWebThumb is Java API that makes it easy to use Bluga.net WebThumb from Java code. Here is simple example:

WebThumbService webThumbService = new WebThumbService("YOUR API KEY");
WebThumbRequest request = new WebThumbRequest("http://commsen.com", OutputType.jpg);
WebThumbJob job = webThumbService.sendRequest(request);
System.out.println("Thumbnail will be ready in " + job.getEstimate() + " seconds!");
// sleep for job.getEstimate() seconds
WebThumbFetchRequest fetchRequest = new WebThumbFetchRequest(job.getId(), Size.zip);
byte[] imageBytes = webThumbService.fetch(fetchRequest);
FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(new File("commsen_com.zip"));

Posted by Milen Dyankov 2010-07-19