JWebChart Version 0.3 Released!!!

I am proud to release version 0.3 of JWebChart. Simple, easy to use Charting servlet developed using JFreeChart. Simply install in your favourite application server and pass data using GET and POST. Sit back and see your chart rendered in beautiful technicolor!

The servlet generates a wide variety of charts including:

Pie: 3D Pie, 2D Pie, Ring.
Category: Bar, 3D Bar, Area, Line, 3D Line.
XY Chart: Bar, Area Step, Area, Line, Scatter, Time.
Meter: Chord, Pie and Circle in RAG and Colour versions.

Changes in this release:

- Category and Pie datasets can now be populated via XML files.
- Migration to JDK 5.0 and Servlet 2.4
- Upgraded to use latest version of JFreeChart/JCommon
- Re-factor of the core ChartServlet making the code neater and faster.

Posted by Luke Trevorrow 2007-08-02