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JWChat 1.0beta3 released

Amongst some bugfixes and updated/new translations this release contains the latest version of JSJaC (v1.2).

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2007-09-21

HOWTO JWChat + JabberHTTPBind

Thanks to Sabine Blochberger there's a fine tutorial on howto setup JWChat in combination with JabberHTTPBind available now. While this document refers to Windows Server 2003 large parts of it may be an interesting read for linux users too having trouble getting apache, tomcat and jwchat working hand in hand.

URL: http://www.blochberger.de/en_jwchat_how_to.htm

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2005-09-02

service outage

Our rich and famous demo server at jwchat.org will be moving to some better hardware tomorrow (Wed 17 Aug 2005, 10am CEST). Thus our services won't be available for at least 4h. We are sorry for any inconvenciences.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2005-08-16

jwchat-1.0beta2 released

This release features amongst some bug fixes true support for http binding and another translation (dutch). A bundled version with latest JabberHTTPBind servlet is available also.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2005-07-21

punjab at jwchat.org

As I noticed major troubles with my HTTP Binding servlet at jwchat.org when being used with Internet Explorer I decided to give punjab a try today.
First I failed miserably at this as I tried to install the plain package of Twisted-2.0.1. Once I installed the sumo-package punjab installed fine too.
Unfortunately punjab seems to be very slow (at least compared to ejabberds built in interface or my servlet). Additionally it gives me a lot of random disconnects thus leaving me behind with a very bad user experience after all.
Anyway, I decided to keep this service up to give you a chance to have a look at it yourself. JWChat.org offers you a select box to choose a backend from now.... read more

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2005-06-21

jwchat-1.0beta1 is out

This is a first beta release of what's meant to make up jwchat-1.0 soon. This is the first release that does not make use of WebClientService (WCS) anymore. Instead this one relies on a communicational library titled 'JSJaC' which is being developed independently.
JSJaC lets you connect to any jabber server that supports either HTTP Polling or HTTP Binding. Both are protocols that are defined in official JEPs thus building a robust base for a standardized way of communication.
Starting with this release I will distribute pre-generated html-files to ease installation.
If you want to customize jwchat's source, add or modify translations please use anynomous CVS for downloading it.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2005-05-20

jabberstudio.org down

Some of you might have noticed that due to having been compromised jabberstudio.org has been shut down for some time now. If you're looking for a recent copy of JSJaC you might grab one at http://www.strigler.de/~zeank/.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2005-02-13

Tutorial available

Someone at jabberes.org was kind enough to write a real good tutorial on how to setup JWChat (CVS) in combination with ejabberd. It's located at http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/node/11.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-11-12

Support for HTTP-Polling has hit CVS

I just uploaded tons of changes to CVS. JWChat doesn't rely on WebClientService no more now. It needs an HTTP-Polling backend now (support for HTTP-Binding coming soon). All low-level communication stuff has been sourced out into an external library called JSJaC which is available separately at http://jsjac.jabberstudio.org.

This version has been tested in combination with ejabberd-0.7.5 (http://ejabberd.jabberstudio.org). It should work with tonneru (http://tonneru.tanoshi.net/) too, but I didn't succeed in installing it, if you do, please drop me a line!

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-10-25

Switching to HTTP Polling/Binding

I decided to not use WCS anymore. Instead I will switch to using HTTP Polling/Binding as the backend for JWChat. Benefits are:
* not bound to jabberd14 anymore
* less traffic
* more responsiveness

And last not least: Implementation of backend is now part of server development and not me :)

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-09-29

JWChat v0.9 has been released

I am proud to announce the release of JWChat v0.9.
New features and enhancements:
* Full MUC support
* Store preferences and bookmarks at the server side
* Support for server side chat history
* use hashed passwords for login
And of course a lot of bug fixes.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-09-21

digest login (hashed passwords)

To enhance overall security JWChat supports log in by using hashed passwords (digest method) now as described in JEP-0078 (http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0078.html). For this to work you need to update your WebClientService (CVS only by time of this writing).

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-09-14

Message Archiving Component

In order to make jwchat's message history work you'll need an implementation of JEP-0136. I've written such a component compliant to this JEP. You can find it at http://me.in-berlin.de/~zeank/datasink/

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-09-09

Built-in message history

JWChat has experimental support for message history now (an implementation of JEP-00136). After enabling this feature in your preferences it stores your chat messages remotely on the jabber server. There is a special jabber component written by me running on jwchat.org which handles the server side functionality.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-08-17

First beta release available

I'm proud to announce a first beta release v0.8 of JWChat. Current features include amongst basic jabber messaging and roster management almost full support for multi-user chat as discribed in JEP-0045, support for using gateways aka transports, managing bookmarks for groupchats (JEP-0048), searching on JUD (and compliant components) and many more. Check it out now!

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-06-29

Support for JUD

JWChat supports registering and searching with JUD (the jabber user directory) now. You can also search any service that has support for the jabber:iq:search namespace.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-06-18

Support For Gateways aka Transports Has Hit CVS

Headline says it all. Check it out!

You can setup your gateways by selecting the "Gateways" tab of the preferences menu. I also updated my demo server on http://jwchat.org and installed an aim/icq gateway and the new yahoo! transport so that you can test this new feature immediately. Hope you'll enjoy it.

If updating from CVS please make sure to also update your WebClientServices (wcs module)!

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-06-06

Repositories for Jabber Components Moved

Both, the http and the wcs component, are now hosted at JabberStudio. I created a new project there. You can find it at http://webclientservice.jabberstudio.org/.

So please be sure not to check out the modules from SF's CVS. They are no longer maintained here.

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2004-03-15

Anon CVS up and running

As anonymous CVS seems to be working now please always use a current snapshot of the CVS tree as there won't be any real file releases in the next future!

Posted by Stefan Strigler 2003-10-15