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Setup JWChat as on http://jwchat.org/

  • noneedforaname

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get jwchat to work on my debian server (lenny) at the moment (the dl-version, not the one from the deb-package) at the moment. I haven't put much effort in it yet, so I will not bother you with any site related config questions (yet ;)). At the moment the problem seems to be ejabberd, which refuses to start when http-polling is enabled on port 5280.

    However, I have a question to the (demo) setup of jwchat on http://jwchat.org/:

    I am able to connect to my jabber server using jwcaht on http://jwchat.org/ by typing in my server address, username and pw. How is this jwchat configured? What do I need to allow entry of a jabber host name?

    TIA for any answer,

  • nnfan, in order to make this working you need an external bosh connection manager like punjab oder the JabberHTTPBind servlet (Google's your friend). Both services allow to connect to any jabber server of your choice by way of BOSH (or HTTP Binding). jwchat.org uses JabberHTTPBind as this is software developed by myself. For large scale setups you might be better off using punjab.