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Progress and Life

jwadlib has not been updated yet since the first Alpha release as you no doubt have realized. The reason for this is that after pushing out the first Alpha, I fixed up some stuff, added it to the SVN repos and then took a break. Then Spring semester of college started. However, jwadlib is not dead. What really needs to be done is a solid lump implementation where ordered lumps and marker lumps are supported, generally (not specifically). I am still trying to decide what is the best way to implement this (feel free to post suggestions). Keep in mind, all I know about marker lumps is that they are of size 0 due to their lack of content. I do not want to find marker lumps by name (ie PNAMES) because the jwadlib frame should not be Doom specific.... read more

Posted by Samuel Horwitz 2008-02-05

jwadlib 1.0 Alpha 1 Released

I am proud to announce the first release of jwadlib WAD Library! Remember, jwadlib is currently in Alpha so use the packages for testing only. Please report bugs, support requests and feature requests to the appropriate tracker.

Posted by Samuel Horwitz 2008-01-06

jwadlib Live on Sourceforge.net!

Today, jwadlib has been approved by Sourceforge net. The web site is up and running for jwadlib and the current code is in the SVN repository. We are in pre-Alpha stage right now, but I think that an Alpha could be released soon.

Posted by Samuel Horwitz 2008-01-04