JVCL 2 is phased out

The JVCL2 is no longer being developped, you should consider moving to the JVCL3, even if it is marked as beta. It is WAY MORE stable, does not crash on fast machines and contains lots and lots of bug fixes. It is marked as beta moslty because of the lack of help but this will be addressed in the near future.
Please note that you need the latest JCL as well to compile the JVCL3.
If you want to help us, you can even download the daily zips available here:


and report bugs on http://jvcl.sf.net/mantis/
Please note that these daily zips may not work from time to time, even if we do all we can to keep the CVS repository in a working state. This does not need to be reported on mantis, we will pick that up quickly.

Many thanks to all the users, please stay tuned for more news in the upcoming months.

Posted by Olivier Sannier 2004-07-27