Problems with daily builds

The SF server seems to have some problems at the moment which manifests themselves in that files in the daily zip use LF line endings instead of CRLF line endings. To overcome this problem until SF has fixed their server, you can download a converter program called CRLF.EXE from the JVCL news server (this tool is part of JVCL and it's sources can be found in cvs/dev/JVCL3/devtools/JvAdjustLineBreaks).

Connect to the newsserver through news:// and then subscribe yourself to jedi.binaries and jedi.vcl.

The CRLF download is available in jedi.binaries attached to the post "install question" dated 2003-10-08. This issue is discussed in the post "install question" in jedi.vcl dated 2003-10-08

Posted by Peter Törnqvist 2003-10-08