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Moreno Monga

Project Admins:

JustPrintFax for CUPS

Just Print Fax is a simple printer for Hylafax server!

The fantastic KDEprintFax no longer exists. With the GTK there is Gfax, but it's more than I need ...and it is boring for to print.

.... so I decided to develop a simple CUPS driver for any DE.

Simple is better ;-)


Packages required

  • hylafax-client
  • cups > 1.2
  • sudo
  • zenity
  • coreutils (for command "install")

Tested on

  • Debian Squeeze 6.02 - Gnome 2.30 with GDM3 (!!!)

This work is inspired by:
- capifax - Tilman Schmidt
- fax4CUPS 1.29 - Sebastiano Vigna