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Steve Cohen has contact me !

It proposed to me to integrate you jUploadr Setup in the jUploadr project.

Work in progress! ; -)

Posted by Narno 2007-03-23

Code source publishing

I've publish the source of the project, and i've plug my working area to the project repository.

Posted by Narno 2007-03-08

Contact jUploadr developer

I've contacted the jUploadr setup to valid my project.

I'm waiting for him to valid my project ;-)

Posted by Narno 2007-03-08

The first beta as been published !

I'v work on the part of code who create the start menu link and i've fix the working directory problem.

jUploadr Setup is ready to work ! :-)

Posted by Narno 2007-03-08

First test version

A first compiled installer as been uploaded for test.

Posted by Narno 2007-03-03