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Python taking 100% CPU? Read this.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-11-11

1.6.0+ users having problems: please read

Due to an installation bug, some of you might be experiencing problems. Please read this page for the solutions:


My apology for the inconvenience.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-08-30

1.6.1 Fixed an installation issue for 1.5.8- users

This version fixed an installation issue for users upgrading from 1.5.8 or earlier. If everything has worked for you, you don't need to upgrade to this version.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-08-25

JunkMatcher 1.6.0 - It's Happy Meal time for SpamBayes!

This version is feature-packed: automatic balanced training for SpamBayes, make/revert corrections right from Mail.app, set SpamBayes ham/spam cutoff values, color-coded Log to let you know what emails have been used for training, and many more useful GUI enhancements and dead bugs! Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-08-23

1.5.9 adds SpamBayes to give you Bayesian experiences!

Now ladies and gentlemen, the biggest, baddest client-side spam filter... JunkMatcher + SpamBayes!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-08-10

JunkMatcher 1.5.8: More update fun

This version adds the ability to check for new version of JunkMatcher plus a bugfix for checking for pattern updates. Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-08-03

JunkMatcher 1.5.7 now phones home!

But don't you worry. Read the following for this new release and enjoy!


Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-07-28

JunkMatcher 1.5.6 greets you!

A new "Pattern Delta" window for installing factory version of patterns, plus lots of fixes and enhancements. Bon Apptit!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-07-12

JunkMatcher 1.5.5: Life-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates release

This version fixes several subtle but serious bugs. Please read the release notes of 1.5.4 for the useful new features introduced there.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-05-31

1.5.4 with new "phishing URL" property test!

JunkMatcher 1.5.4 added a new property test to detect phishing URLs, new option to install updated factory version of patterns, and many GUI improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-05-30

1.5.3 adds support to OS X 10.4.1

... and a couple bug fixes and improvements. Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-05-17

JunkMatcher 1.5.2 is released (Tiger compatibility)

This version adds only Tiger compatibility - it should run on both OS X 10.3.x (Panther) and 10.4.x (Tiger). No additional feature was added.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-05-13

What's the deal of JunkMatcher in Tiger (10.4.x)?

Well good news is Mail.app doesn't seem to have big changes in terms of the internal APIs. The (not-so-)bad news is plist files are now in binary - this means "Reinstall Mail rules" in JunkMatcher won't work.

Since I personally haven't upgraded, so I'm changing code and asking beta testers to run it for me. I'll post update as soon as I can (it's also the end of semester!).

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-04-30

JunkMatcher 1.5.1 released

* Emails containing character '\0' (ASCII code 0) are considered
"malformed" now, and will be thrown away without checking. There was
an exploit a while ago using this in HTML

* When adding/updating/testing a pattern, JunkMatcher will now
complain if the pattern contains a newline character (you still can
match a newline character using pattern "\n" - it's just that every
pattern has to be on one line).... read more

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-03-25

New and improved JunkMatcher website!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-03-19

JunkMatcher 1.5.0 is unleashed!

A total rewrite of JunkMatcher - better, faster, more stable...!

Release notes are available at:


Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-03-19

New JunkMatcher (1.5) is currently in beta

Version 1.5 is a total rewrite. There are some screenshots and a short movie here:


If you are interested in beta testing it, please sign up the beta mailing list. Thanks!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2005-03-12

JunkMatcher 1.19c/0.66b is up

This version restores the full SpamCop reporting functionality, and has some UI enhancements to the JunkMatcher Central app. Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-09-12

JunkMatcher 1.19b/0.66 is up

Again another interim release: this fixed a problem when certain bad site can disrupt the collection process, and the reporting function using free SpamCop account should work again now.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-09-05

JunkMatcher 1.19/0.66 is up

This is an interim release before the next major update - just bug fixes. Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-08-14

JunkMatcher 1.18/0.65 is up

New version supports Fast User Switching and has several important fixes (including one introduced by Security Update 2004-06-07). Enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-06-11

Beta testers wanted for JunkMatcher

If you're interested in testing out the latest beta of JunkMatcher, please sign up on the list here:


Please also send me a brief note telling me your full name - so I can be sure no spammer gets inside. Thank you.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-06-04

1.17/0.64 is now up

This version brings huge performance and stability improvement. Make sure you read Changelog.rtf in the package (especially now all AppleScripts are eliminated from the back-end).

Also a mailing list for beta testers is now created. Please join the list if you want to test the future versions. JunkMatcher also accepts donation now.

Kudos to all beta testers that helped squash the bugs!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-06-03

Beta version of JM 1.17/0.63

The next version of JM, 1.17, has many important back-end changes (including eliminating all AppleScripts). This version is MUCH faster (more than 20x) and should fix a few problems plaguing the earlier versions (like old emails sitting in inbox are filtered over and over again).

Please send me emails if you want to beta test the version - I want to make sure things work as expected.

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-05-26

1.15/0.62 is out

This is the first release after migrating to Sourceforge - enjoy!

Posted by Benjamin Han 2004-05-12