Hi. I have been using JUnit for a project using Hibernate and Spring from Eclipse. Hibernate and Spring is pretty memory demanding things and I have repeatadly hit the OutOfMemoryException and increased the memory parameters to the JVM. Now however I am afraid I have reached the limit of my memory because suddenly I get more or less a frozen computer and it seems to just be swapping. This happens before the JUnit plugin for Eclipse has reported even one test. Thus it would seem to me as if JUnit first setups for all tests (grabbing all menory available) and then performs the tests. Is this the case? Wouldn't it be better to take one test at a time and clear memory usage in between?

No matter if this is the case do anyone have an idea of a solution to my problem which isn't of the type "buy more memory" (Because I think that would just push my problem forward a bit...)

// Jonathan Alvarsson