Mostly right, except that a @Test method with parameters should be flagged as invalid.  Thanks for looking into this,

   David Saff

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 12:58 PM, Amanda Robinson <> wrote:
The bug pasted below, @Theory annotation optional when running with
Theories, is currently unassigned. As long as nobody takes issue, I'm
going to dig into this a bit and hope to submit a patch soon. It
appears related to [ 2191102 ] AllMembersSupplier should only add
@DataPoint fields, so I may look into that bug as well.

It appears that correct behavior is as follows:
 - within a class annotated with @RunWith(Theories.class):
    - any method annotated with @Theory should test all input
annotated with @DataPoint
    - any method annotated with @Test should run as a standard test and ignore

Is this correct? If not, what is correct expected behavior?


Summary: (?)
@Theory annotation optional when running with Theories  Private: (?)
The implementation of
org.junit.experimental.theories.Theories's computeTestMethods incorrectly
leaves @Test methods as @Theory methods.

The following code:
public class FooTest {
public static int VALUE=1;
public void bar(int i) {
System.out.println("bar:" +i);


Produces the result: bar:1

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