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2012-12-27  Peter Baker  <peter@hengest>

	* Junicode*: ss17 now used for linguistic alternates. Regularized
	underline position and thickness. Added uni0294.alt, accessible
	via ss17. theta1 is now present in all faces. anchor added for

	* Junicode-Italic, Junicode-Regular: Number Forms range now
	complete and up-to-date.

	* Junicode-Italic: subs lookup added. Roman numbers in Number
	Forms range accessible via dlig.

	* Junicode-BoldItalic: below-char anchors added for Basic
	Latin. uni330 (combining tilde below) added.

	* Junicode-Bold: more below-char anchors added in Basic
	Latin. uni330 (combining tilde below) added.

2012-11-17  Peter Baker  <peter@hengest>

	* Junicode*: f_f ligature now behaves like f when vowel with
	diacritic follows. -f option for ttfautohint forces hinting of all
	characters in the font. Kerning of f-ligatures corrected. Common
	ligatures moved to unencoded slots (references left behind for
	backward compatibility), improving searchability in PDF
	files. Metrics slightly changed to address Windows clipping

	* Junicode-Bold, Junicode-Regular: Small caps added for some base
	letter + diacritic combos.

	* Junicode-Regular: Fixups of Greek outlines. digamma, koppa, Cap
	stigma added. Two more ligatures added from the Foulis-Wilson

	* Junicode-Italic: Several cap swashes added: A, J, D, Q, AE
	(these are used in Hickes's Thesaurus). k_i, s_t ligatures added.

2012-04-08  Peter Baker  <peter@hengest>

	* Junicode-Regular: All ligatures and stylistic alternates found
	in the Foulis Homer have been added in the regular face: these are
	accessed via hlig and salt. It may be necessary to set the script
	explicitly to Greek to access these Greek features. The style of
	rho used in the Foulis Homer has been made the default.

2012-04-01  Peter Baker  <peter@hengest>

	* Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-Bold,
	Junicode-BoldItalic: Gothic now in all four faces. Original Gothic
	moved to Bold; Gothic in Regular harmonizes with small caps;
	skewed versions in Italic and BoldItalic.
	* Junicode.tex: revised Gothic specimen; added note on use of mgrk
	to get IPA shapes of beta and theta.

2012-03-27  Peter Baker  <peter@hengest>

	* Junicode-Regular: Added Gothic range; added lookups ss19
	(Latin-to-Gothic tranliteration) and ss20 (Gothic-to-Latin

2012-03-07  Peter Baker  <peter@hengest>

	* Junicode-Bold, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-BoldItalic: Swashes
	(for Middle English) for all 4 faces
	* All: Improvements for Turkish (including dotted small-cap
	i). These should be automatic via locl.
	* All: Improved shape of dcaron, tcaron, lcaron (with kerning) for
	Eastern European languages
	* Junicode-Bold: small caps for bold face
	* Junicode-Bold, Junicode-BoldItalic: added capital Eszett, U+1E9E
	* Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Bold: small cap Eszett when c2sc is
	applied to U+1E9E
	* Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-Bold: IPA shapes of
	beta, theta available at U+701, U+702 (and alternative omega in
	regular at U+703). Preferred method of accessing these is still
	via standard beta and theta + mgrk
	* All: arrows at U+2190 - U+2193; emptyset at U+2205
	* All: f.alt accessible via salt
	* All: kern f + exclam
	* All: obsolete MUFI code points removed; these codes may be reused.
	* All: minimal Panose values
	* All: additional small caps for Eastern European languages
	* All: additional small caps for Turkish
	* Junicode-Bold, Junicode-Italic, Junicode-BoldItalic: more MUFI
	characters here and there
	* Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic: some filling in of Latin
	Extended B
	* Junicode-Regular, Junicode-Italic: deleted s03 lookup
	* Junicode-Regular: A number of Fleurons in retired MUFI code
	points in the PUA
	* Junicode-Regular: continuing to add Greek historic
	ligatures. Try omicron + upsilon, epsilon + iota, alpha + iota,
	alpha + upsilon, with various accents.
	* Junicode-Regular: reordered GPOS kern lookups to fix a problem
	in Scribus