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What is Enterprise Bookmarking

<p>Blog by Sam Kim<br>
Friday, May 1, 2009</p>

<p><b>What is Enterprise Bookmarking?<br>
Social Bookmarking systems have become enormously popular on the internet in recent years. Enterprise bookmarking is just beginning to take hold. As bookmarking continues to grow in popularity it is important to distinguish between the two forms. The key distinctions between Social and Enterprise bookmarking as outlined in this blog.</p>... read more

Posted by Steve Perry 2009-05-06

Jumper 2.0 Tags the Enterprise

We live in an era of massively abundant data. The volumes of data continue to grow at an astounding rate, and there is no end in sight.

Managing this deluge requires new ways of thinking. We have moved along an analogy progression from the folder, to the file cabinet, to the library, to — well, what is next? The deluge of data has simply overwhelmed the traditional data architecture and knowledge management approach.... read more

Posted by Steve Perry 2009-05-04

Enterprise 2.0 Engines: Jumper Networks

Enterprise 2.0 Engines: Jumper Networks
By Darren Waters

Web 2.0 has evolved into an indispensable tool for millions of daily Web users. But who are the people driving this technology into the Enterprise?

Steve Perry is not your typical Web 2.0 visionary. He is a veteran of the database industry. He installed his first database in 1996; an Oracle 7.3 database, on an NT system, for a Great Plains warehouse package. ... read more

Posted by Steve Perry 2009-04-08

Jumper 2.0 Silo Busters

Silo Busters
Jumper Platform provides a Web 2.0 Knowledgebase
By Karen Voler

With the introduction of Jumper’s next-generation software platform for enterprise knowledge management and collaboration, Co-Founder and Lead Software Architect Steve Perry sat down with Data Storage Magazine at the Oracle BIWA Summit 2008 to discuss the features and benefits of this new Web 2.0 software platform.... read more

Posted by Steve Perry 2009-04-08

Jumper Networks Releases the New Jumper 2.0 Platform

PLYMOUTH, MA (March 25, 2009) – Jumper Networks today announced plans to release source code for Jumper 2.0™ as open source. This initiative will let developers worldwide participate in the growth of the industry's most innovative framework for building data virtualization. The open source Jumper 2.0 documentation will be available under the General Public License version 2 (GPLv2).

Please read the full news release at:

Posted by Steve Perry 2009-04-07