#160 Remove "Draw Polygon" and "Draw Tools" from Editing Toolbox

michael michaud

From Usability and Translation Improvements (2008-03-26)
In the Editing toool box the "Draw contrained polygon and draw constrained linestring" seems to do basically the same thing od original "Draw polygon" and "Draw linestring". The usage of keyboard keys help to work on Constrained/Unconstrained mode. The only difference is that original "draw polygon" has an option to draw holes which draw const. pol. doesn't have. But now, thanks to Erwan's cut cookie polygon, it is not necessary to have the double of the same drawing tools on the toolbox. I propone to eliminate original "draw polygon" and "draw linestring" to make the toolbox more flexible.



  • Agree with Peppe's propositions.
    It could simplify the toolbox (and make place for other useful tools).

    This may be an important change for peolpe doing a lot of edits. I think such a change should be submit to a vote.
    Currently, the cut polygon tool does not replace the way hole can be done with shift key as it needs two actions : cut and remove. It would need a shift option do do cut/remove in one action.


  • Jukka Rahkonen
    Jukka Rahkonen

    Perhaps, but i would say that not yet. The constrained drawing tools are not of as high quality than the normal ones.
    - Digitising holes easily is very important. By the way, easier than to use the coocie cutter tool is to take the selection tool, select the feature and continue with constrained polygon tool
    - Ctrl key does not seem to do anything useful (read more later) so it could still be reserved for selecting features
    - The screen tends to flicker more than with the standard tool
    - Drawing constrained polygons with Cntr pressed is doing something odd. It is hard to describe, better to try it yourself
    - Check all the Length, Incremental angle and Angle check boxes and start digitizing, play with Shift and Ctrl. It may be that selecting all those does not make sense but the odd behaviour makes user to think that OpenJUMP is pretty poor.
    - Shift and Cntr in the incremental angle do not work as supposed and I think that Cntr does not have any affect now
    - Also Length constraint might have a keyboard shortcut for overrunning the setting
    - Users should get some very clear visual hint when the constrainst are on or they will get mad when trying to do just normal digitising. Cursor should turn red or something for giving a warning.
    - Shift activation makes it impossible to use angle constraints without using keyboard.

    Perhaps constrained tools could be placed to another tool box which is not in use by default in a similar way than Jython toold which comes from the Customise menu. CAD drawing tools in Kosmo is another example.

  • Jukka Rahkonen
    Jukka Rahkonen

    • status: open --> closed-denied
  • Jukka Rahkonen
    Jukka Rahkonen

    There are three alternatives:
    1. Remove the tools and close the ticket
    2. Let the tools remain and close the ticket
    3. Do nothing which means the same as 2 but without closing the ticket

    I do the change from 3. to 2. by closing this ticket now as "denied".