#114 More labeling options


I have a feature request for the labeling options of Openjump.

More than one labeling attribut:
At the moment there is only the possibility to take only one attribut to
label the features.
Sometimes it required to take two or three attributes for labeling.
The workaround to do this is to copy the layer, make the features unvisible
and choose than another labelling attribute than in origin layer.
In the future it would be fine to have an option to declare two (or
more) attributes as labels (than they have display one below the other
and so on). But than it would be also nice to have independ formatting and
aligning options for every labeling attribut.

Label alignment:
Now it only possible to choose the alignment of the label for point
and line features but not for polygon features. So it would be nice to have
also the option to do it with polygon features.

Adjust the alignment:
It would be nice to define offsets (in pixels) in x- and y-directions for the different labels.