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Stop Juice downloading old stuff

  • Periwig

    Apologies if this is a divvy newble question, but I have looked in the FAQs and documentation and can't work it out.

    I want to download podcasts, listen to them, then delete them from my hard disk.  But I don't seem to be able to get Juice to live with this.  It often goes back and automatically downloads all the old podcasts which I had deleted.

    What am I doing wrongly?

    • neumannu47

      Under File | Preferences | General, uncheck "Run a check for new podcasts when the application is started." I have "Catchup skips older episides immediately" checked, but I'm not sure that's necessary since I never use Catchup. In the Subscriptions window, uncheck the podcasts you want to delete. Then delete them from the hard drive. When you click "Check for new podcasts", the ones that are not checked should be ignored.

      It's been a while since I have done a lot of experimenting with Juice as I have been dragged into iTunes. Unfortunately, development of Juice is dead. Its developers are MIA. It's sad because it's a great little program. With enough experimentation, you can get iTunes to do what you want after you get used to the idiot interface.