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log: Server listening on port 57958


  • Anonymous

    What does this mean?  Server listening on port 57958
    I also see this:  Exception checking for update at url http://www.juicereceiver.com/update/current_version.xml
    but that doesn't sound serious.

    I recently installed juice on a new machine (running windows 7)

    Thank you.

  • Shaya Halim
    Shaya Halim

    Currently the official release of Juice doesn't support Windows 7.
    I have made a version for windows 7 a year ago, but it had serious bugs.

    Sadly I'm occupied with other issues to fix all these problems and release a new release.
    Hopefully one of the other developers might stand up and spent the time to stabilize the version and release it.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for answering!

    I'm not a perfectionist.  I don't mind if it's a little buggy, and I don't mind missing some features.  I've been running juice regularly on the old machine under Windows 7 for over a year, so hopefully things will work well enough for me on this new one.

    I didn't get those error messages on the other machine.  Offhand, do you know what they mean?  They must not be fatal, because the most recent programs of my subscribed podcasts got downloaded fine.

    If I ever get to the point of looking for an alternative to juice, do you have any suggestions?