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I'd like to help

  • citizenkahn

    Can someone tell me how I could volunteer and fix a bug or two?  I've been using juice and coding in python for years.  I donated some cash recently and now I'd like to donate some time.  I can't seem to find any info on doing this.  I have pulled down the code for 2.2 from svn and am trying to get all my build requirements in place so I can build it. 

    For me, the thing that is prompting this is that I don't use itunes but want the feature that resets the genre tag to a specific value.  Its my own itch to scratch, something reasonable small so it seems ok.

    So, I'd like to help can someone let me know the following:
    1. is there a how-to doc for building on windows?
    2. if I have a patch to whom should I send it and what format would you like it in
    3. If there are other bugs that I could look at, what would be the rights ones...