Cleaning the bug tracker of closed bugs

  • Shaya Halim
    Shaya Halim

    It seems that gtk and others have done a considerable amount of work after that 2.2.1a version was released.
    I've built a test version (2.2.3) and played with it alittle and it seems like there is a bunch of bugs that were fixed but are still showing as open in the tracker. (there are about 200 "open" bugs)

    I'd love if people are willing to test the test build and go over the bug list to report of bugs that are already closed.

    Yesterday I've uploaded a build to a public server and sent the link to two people to test the Windows 7 compatibility issue. It's not the most elegant way, but it works :)

    If anyone has other ideas how can we share a test build so testers could download it, please write them here.


  • atonio

    I am interested - how do we move forward ?