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#138 Problem downloading podcasts with non-English characters

Sylvain Racicot

Some of the podcasts I subscribe to are in French and therefore have French names and descriptions. When they are downloaded, they do complete to 100% of the downloads, but get stuck on "downloading" for a while. On the next scheduled download pass, they are re-downloaded and this will continue until I go in the "Subscriptions" tab and manually remove the check-mark in front on the downloaded files.

This does not happen to any of my English podcasts, so it must have to do with the accented characters being used by the podcasters. This seems to be confirmed by the following example from the log file error:

FeedScanningJob 38738800 "Les entrevues de C't'encore Dr?le" reports: Enclosure in item 493 has an error: "Enclosure has empty 'url' attribute."

In the above, the word "drôle" is seen as "dr?le". Yet, they are saved correctly with the correct accents in the correct folders (also using accents) on the drive selected in my settings.

This is the URL used for the above example:

No accents are used in the URLs, only in the file names being downloaded and their descriptions. Other podcasts coming from this same podcaster (a radio station, in this case) won't have the problem if they don't have accents, so it's not the source of the problem.

Here are other URLs with the same problem:



  • TomW

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    I have the same issue with this URL has a similar issue
    (perhaps due to copyright and trademark symbols in title?):

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    I have the same issue with this:

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