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Hi. As a new respondent to the JuffEd project, let me introduce myself with much praise for JuffEd. You might enjoy the anecdote: I have marked JuffEd, in my local downloads repository, as an editor which is "a perfect balance between features and functionality". What I mean is I find the editor not to be over bloated with crowded menus and configuration options, yet JuffEd provides enough custom configuration for the user to feel at home working in the environment. Very well done; great job!

Regarding the topic of Regex, I'm referencing the 0.9x development edition. I'm not thrilled with the implementation of the search facility, in a fixed position beneath the main editor component (however, I do not doubt-- i could be wrong; maybe i haven't figured how to move it?). Also, I don't see any configuration to use regular expressions in a search / replace feature. Again, maybe i'm wrong (i apologize, i haven't compared/ contrasted with v 0.8x), but I thought regex search / replace is a function of the previous edition, and the search facility is a floating window (i.e. more like the search-in-files function of the development release).

So, that's my feedback, for now. I'm pleased to see JuffEd going in a slightly more advanced direction-- while maintaining that /lightweight/ feel i'm fond of (i.e. the symbols view, although, using PHP files, i've yet to see anything show in that panel. i'll try some javascript, and PHP classes to see if I can better understand that facility).

Best regards, and good luck in the forward progress of JuffEd!
-JS, Author: NoviceNotes.Net


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  • Mezomish

    Thank you for your feedback.
    The decision to replace search dialog with a panel was made because I'm personally pretty confident that pop-up dialogs are not the best way to organize this kind of UI. Pop-up may overlap the main window covering some text, it can float, etc. in oppose to a panel that is always at the same place and doesn't cover any text. That's the direction many UI apps follow (including other editors, browsers, etc.) so I decided to go to that direction too.

    As for regexp option - there is a combo-box on the search panel that switches between Plain text/Whole words/RegExp modes and it acts the same way it did in 0.8.

    And regarding that Symbol browser - right now it supports only C/C++/Python languages. It's a 3rd-party plugin developed by another developer and he made it for languages he needed. In theory it can easily be extended with other languages and I welcome everyone willing to contribute. I can't do it myself due to a desperate lack of spare time (as you can see, sometimes it takes me weeks or even months to respond and I'm really sorry about it).

    Thanks again for your feedback, I appreciate that a lot.